Why Choose Cost Effective NOC Support Services with NocAgile Services

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Managed WIFI Services Richard Grantt Managed SD-WAN 12/5/2020

This has been a key point of discussion about NOC Services Pricing. Everyone is curious to know about cost and pricing for the use of NOC services. Here, we are going to focus on few of the point which will clear that how the NOC Services Pricing works and how they are charged for it.

At NocAgile, we believe when it comes to NOC Services and we recognize that every customer will have challenges and unique monitoring requirements, so we also help to reduce to pay for more than you need. Our structure is licensed so you only mustpay for the services you require, and we scale as your business scales.If there is in-house or outsourced, NOC Monitoring minimizes downtime and gives IT staff an advantage on possible future issues. Despite of, there are plenty of organizations that in-house solution may be unachievable for the average business and don’t have a 24x7 network monitoring solutions.

We monitor your network by 24x7x365 accurately, a minimum of 12 employees are needed. We have 10 NOC and service desk technicians on staff allows you to have three employees per rotating shift and considers for vacation and sick leave. We have recommended number of employees to cover 24x7 Network Monitoring are atleast 12 for most of any company that wants to do network monitoring by 24x7x365.

The estimate price of employees doesn’t include the capital investment in hardware and software. It is depending on your company’s unique needs, software and hardware can cost anywhere from several thousand to millions of dollars. It is not to miss that both the hardware and software would be upgraded and updated throughout their entity. We require combination of the staff with recommended cost to integrate and maintain a monitoring solution in-house, as well as the time your IT team could have been spending on their emolument generating tasks, the opportunity of in-house monitoring can simply be too high for the average company.

NOC Services Pricing is based upon the total number of network devices and standards we monitor for you. Our NOC engineers support your organization staff, and our NOC services pricing is in a way that your company just pay for what you need as you grow with Managed NOC Services practice. We have the best platform and expertise in place to do the job, so you can get back to your business. As our service partner, stay competitive in the market with our ability to increase your recurring remunerations and advantage.

We help to avoid big upfront set-up fees and receive a preferred pricing structure as a service provider. Our target is work with you to meet your budget and service requirements. We help to increase or create new high margin recurring revenue. We increase your margins by offloading routine tasks to your NocAgile team. We Scale your business without increasing your headcount for better leverage your local staff by freeing them up to focus on higher value. We have Dedicated IT Operations Team to build a cost-effective availability when you need them Increase customer uptime, satisfaction & retention and levitation your existing RMM tools and know-how.

When you're ready to commitment the work associated with maintaining your IT infrastructure, while minimizing your operational costs, give us a call.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do for you or just want a quote, give us a message sales@nocagile.com. We’ll help you solve your NOC services pricing problem every step of the way.