24x7 Help Desk Services


NocAgile Services deliver the project-based staff to fulfil the client’s requirements. As per the project assessment, we need to check the current requirements and all the configuration in details so that our tech experts can go through it and get a quote accordingly. Project based services are charged hourly basis as how much time has been spent on the given project. Also, this facility is application for all types of customers whether they are our existing (NOC Support) service or only for project work only.

Put your attention on your customer and strategic activities by ridding your projects to NocAgile team of experts or permitting us to join-force with your team to support projects that your team is carrying ahead.

Project based services includes Microsoft windows migration including installation and configuration of several application servers. Server provisioning and consolidation of miscellaneous operating systems. NocAgile Services provide all possible supports which can be given on remote and help to the onsite engineers via phone with full illustrations of the technologies. We make our every service count.

Remote System Administration and Migrations - RSA Projects include:

  • Microsoft Windows Migrations
  • Exchange Migrations
  • Server Provisioning and Consolidation
  • Installation and Configuration of Applications
  • Hardware
  • Active Directory
  • Virtualization
  • Anti-Malware
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Backup
  • Network
  • Firewall
  • Labtech Optimization and Configuration Services
  • N-central optimization and configuration Services including other RMMs