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How to fix backup issue due to VSS writers?

If you are fed up with fixing the backup issues on the servers/machines due to VSS writers and no luck. Here is the easiest way to fix them just by restarting the below services serial numbers. Try once and see the magic-

  • 1. Restart the Cryptographic Services service
  • 2. Restart the Com+Event service (yes for all dependent services)
  • 3. Restart the COM+ System Application service
  • 4. Restart Windows Management Instru.....

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How to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 10?

Windows 10 Upgrade Steps-

Step 1:

Download and run the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from the link -

Step 2:
Accept TOS

Step 3:
Select ‘Upgrade this PC now’
Windows will then Download Windows 10 and get things ready. Nothing to be done during this process.

Step 4:
Accept TOS again.
It will then check for and download important updates so.....

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How to fix error message "There Is System Repair Pending Which Requires Reboot To Complete. Restart Windows And Run SFC Again"?

How to fix error "there is system repair pending which requires reboot to complete"?

If you run windows update manually or run sfc /scannow command on the server/machine and get the subjected error even after several reboot, getting the same error message. Perform the quick magic-

At an elevated command prompt:

Take ownership of the folder/file:  takeown /f <Path_And_File_Name>

takeown /f C:\windows\winsxs\pending.xml

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Driver Signature Enforcement Error on Windows servers with BSOD

Symptoms: You will not be able to open these few consoles via Win+R command:



Also, you will get BSOD during reboots and system will not show login prompt until you disable Driver Signature Enforcement via pressing F8.

Steps to resolve Microsoft driver unsigned issue on servers.

1. Verify the drivers if unsigned

Run command "sigverif" in cmd/powershell


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How to Fix Time Synchronization Issue in Active Directory

Below are the easiest steps to fix time synchronization (NTP) issue on windows servers. In a domain, all domain controllers must synchronize from the PDC Emulator of that domain using NT5DS and the PDC Emulator of the root domain in a forest must synchronize with an external time server using NTP.

 Step 1: Login to any of the DC and check for PDC Emulator role by typing below command-

 # netdom query fsmo

 Connect to PDC domain controller and .....

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How to perform metadata cleanup in active directory? How to remove deleted/failed domain controller from active directory?


There could be a circumstance when you have to clean up your domain controller object from active directory. This could be due to the following scenarios-

  • When you try to remove ADDS role from domain controller by using dcpromo.exe and it fails.
  • When you try to promote a member domain controller in existing setup and it fails.


The scope of this article is NOT to cover the reason of failure in .....

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