Cyber Security Awareness

Managed WIFI Services Harry Managed SD-WAN 11/27/2020

Hello Folks!

November 2020 is just a cyber-security awareness month of this year. Whole world is going through the same circumstances and focusing on cyber-security awareness day by day. Here, we would like to point out few more principal ideas to protect ourselves from fraudulent and secure enough to our network space.

In this pandemic situation, whole world is suffering from the working mythology. It can never be easy to control and manage the complete infrastructure secured. 95% organizations have allowed their employees’ to work from home. People feel good to use mobile devices for normal and official activities rather than laptops. In this case, the chances of the risk are too high and a single mistake can destroy whole organization’s security boundaries.

The purpose of this cyber-security awareness article is to make the people understand that the security begins with you. You are the most responsible for any security risk at every step of action. So, be a loyal employee with you and for your organizations to feel everyone safe and happy.

Security begins with you-

Why should you care about your mobile devices along with your laptop, computers and networking devices?

Mobile devices are an awesome and easiest mode to communicate with colleagues, friends and families. Also, this can be used to shop or bank online, play games, watch movies and perform day by day activities on this. So, un-doubtfully we can say that mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. There is no surprise after knowing that the biggest risk to your mobile devices are not the intruders but most likely you. In order to secure your mobile devices, you are the most responsible person rather than someone else. Here are some simple steps to keep your devices safe and secure.

Data Sharing- Be aware of data sharing and management control by mobile app.

Social Media- Don’t share any personal or any other confidential information on social media.

Location- Please never allow your apps to track your location indefinitely.

Email- Always use very safe and secure email manager in your phone.

Wi-Fi- Please never connect insecure Wi-Fi hotspots and always prefer using mobile VPN.

Mobile Payments- Here you need to be extra careful while making payments from the mobile payment.

Apps- Always check the authenticity of the app owner before downloading app from Play Store.

Passwords and Pin- Please keep changing your all apps pin frequently to avoid any hackers catch.

Privacy Settings- Always keep an eye on your privacy settings and minimize your data sharing practice.

Banking- Always use only trusted and secure banking applications in your phone to avoid any harm.

Update and Patches- This is the last and most important point to keep your mobile devices and all installed applications updated.

In this article, we have tried our best to cover all the points where people basically ignore to catch. We can secure enough our mobile devices with the help of above outlined points. That’s all for now.

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Thank you for the reading this article. Please be more precautious during the COVID-19. Stay safe and protected. Protect while you connect and be a human firewall.