NOC Best Practices to Improve Your Operations

NOC Best Practices to Improve Your Operations
Managed WIFI Services Richard Grant Managed SD-WAN 8/9/2023

Good structure and appropriate management plan are the critical to the success of NOC. It is very important for any support services where processes, people management, responsible for supportive platform and cost efficiencies play a vital role. In spite of being a significant and critical to the success of technical operation support, most of the NOC service providers unable to fulfil the defined agreements due to appropriate plan of action.

There are few major points, which can help to improve the operations by maximizing the infrastructure uptime and performance of resources with effective NOC management plan and well-defined processes. A well-planned and well-managed strategy can reduce any vulnerabilities and security breaches in any organizations.

Although, there are several essential practices need to be followed in order to get a contented outcome but here are few noticeable points, which can never be skipped for smooth and secured operations. In addition, these practices will help to maintain the ultimate performance in small, middle or large size of businesses with complex infrastructure environments in 24x7 support services.

Here are the (NOC) Network Operations Center Best Practices given below:

Standardized Process Management Implementation

It is very general thought that the chances of any mistake is very less if action is taken with standardized processes. This should be implemented and followed very strictly by each individuals in the organization. In addition, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) process immensely followed by almost all the organizations to make the IT work operations smooth and hassle-free.

Follow Defined SOP for NOC Operations

Standard operating procedure is very critical part of any operations. This practice is very useful for every organization to maintain the momentum without any bottleneck. This is the process where defined steps are already tested and verified before implementing. Therefore, there is very less chance of error and any ruthless result in production.

Blueprint of Significant Operational Plan

NOC team generally monitors and take care of comprehensible devices at a time with the help of modern tools. A significant operational flow should be handy with each of the team members so that they can follow and perform the action plan accordingly. This will help to avoid any mistake and can grip full control on every alarm and remediate instantly.

Use Tier-Based Workflow Management

Infrastructure of NOC support should be designed and managed according to the tier based flow. Level based team should get the alerts and route to next level as per the analyzed details. This will divide the work and help to reach correct level of staff who is designated for. It helps to minimize the risk of error and remediate the issue in less time.

Proper Documentation for NOC Action Plan

Documentation is the key part of any process and plan of action. It is very easy to use but take a lot of consideration and test to build. Therefore, keeping in habit of using and creating proper documentation for every action makes many differences. It can be the best approach to get any task done very proper way without any mess-up.

Build NOC Operations for Reliability

This is very hard to build and easy to break. In order to maintain the reliability of NOC operations, it is required very deep integration and integrity of determinations, hard work and solid infrastructure of work enthusiasm. In order to run smooth and flawless operations, need to consider priorities and perfection in the work to achieve the goal.

Build Top Customer Experience Management Platform

Network operations centers (NOC) services providers must consider delivering quality services and quality assurance endlessly to maintain the customer’s satisfaction for continual NOC reputation. A top level quality or service assurance can help NOC team to identify and remediate any issues before they effect production in a significant way. 

Cultivate and Sustain Business Stability Plan

NOCs need many facilities to make customers easy to reach and be contacted very easily. In addition, there are other resources can be availed like, knowledgebase, documentations, customer portal, messaging, text and emails to find the information quickly. This will help to get the required information easily and no staff support involvement is needed in few cases.

Build the Team of Experienced, Trained and Certified Professionals

NOC operations run 24x7 where professionals are required to be trained, certified and experienced to maintain the quality of services framework. To make it more effective, training sessions should be conducted within team and encourage them for more certifications. Also, top-level training should be conducted in organization which help to the team for live session to view that can help on their routine tasks and perform it very perfectly.

Plan Budget of NOC Operations

Considering the fact, that budget is the core component for running 24x7 NOC operation. It is very important to use the budget appropriately to get the staff, training, quality assurance, infrastructure and facilities, systems, security and networking, compliance and licensing to maintain the team’s quality on the top. NOC services must fulfil industry-standardized requirement.

Plan, Process, Management and Operations

NOCs must have plan of action for every task before doing anything in production. This should be followed very strictly to the operations. This should be defined in the process by the management team before going to operations. If NOC team is going to perform any action, that should be started from a plan of action and make a process in a document. Need to get it reviewed by management and top level of NOC staff and then can be implemented in the production. This will avoid any errors in the operations.

Therefore, these are the essential practices NOCs should use to improve the operations and keep the momentum of delivering good and quality services alive.