How to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 10?

Windows 10 Upgrade Steps-

Step 1:

Download and run the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from the link -

Step 2:
Accept TOS

Step 3:
Select ‘Upgrade this PC now’
Windows will then Download Windows 10 and get things ready. Nothing to be done during this process.

Step 4:
Accept TOS again.
It will then check for and download important updates so you don’t have to after installation.

 Step 5:
If there is enough space on the PC, it will tell you it’s ready to install. In that case, press Install.
If there is not enough space, run disk cleanup in hopes to find enough space, then do it again. Hit Install.
The machine will restart several times, but at no point will it connect with the internet until it’s done
installing. After that, it will show the setup screen as it prepares Windows 10 for First Use.

Step 6:
Welcome to Windows 10! Screen. Login with the listed account and hit next.
Privacy settings: Accept
Cortana: Not now.
Default Apps: Next.
Sign in: Sign in and go through the ‘Hi, we’re getting your computer ready, it will be just a moment.’

Step 7:
Delete the Media Creation tool. 

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