The Cloud Computing – An Overview

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Guys, feeling very animated while writing the article about Cloud Computing today. The term, cloud computing has been widely known through the internet globally. If we would say the definition about cloud computing in a word so, Cloud computing is a mode of IT service which can be provided and used on-demand basis.

It has been defined in widely recognized word (on-demand, pooled resources, elastic and metered services) service models Software as a Service (SAAS), Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS),Platform as a Service (PAAS),Network as a Service (NAAS)and deployment approaches including (Public, Private and Hybrid) cloud system.Cloud service providers deliver the resources (computer, storage and network) to their customers via cloud network globally. Also, it helps to change and modify the fluctuation of system workload according to the business requirement dynamically.

What is the main noticeable point which has been encouraged to the customers shifting to the cloud? There is only one answer would be pay-as-you-go service. Nowadays, cloud has been very booming approach in IT arena. Top level of e-business and other organizations whether they are big, medium or small in size, are moving into cloud rapidly due to its’ flexibility and security system.Also, most of the world-class IT service providers are shifting their messaging and other IT services to these standard technologies.

We can describe the essential cloud computing features with below points-

Rapid elasticity

Measured service

On-demand and self-service

Broad network access

Resource pooling

Here is the top level of Cloud Computing Service providers in world-wide-

Microsoft CorporationPlatform

Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Cloud Platform

In order to plan and shift your IT services to cloud is not an easy task. It requires a well-planned and architectural function team to help scale business need to the service solution and create a roadmap for changes. There are several applications which take time to transit to cloud based service. That’s why it really needs a planned strategy before we move further.

There is no doubt that there are several essential features can be achieved by moving to cloud. Every cloud platform has its own architectural functions and strategy plan to manage the infrastructure respectively. The ideology can be same but architectural function is comparatively different to each other. So, before moving sightlessly to any of the cloud platform, need to discuss for pre-planned roadmap with Enterprise Architecture team once. Thus, adopting a cloud application platform, requires well deployment approach and strategy defined by the respective cloud platform provider.

Here are the Major Features of Cloud Computing-




Cost Savings

Quality Control

Loss Prevention


Competitive Edge

Disaster Recovery

Increased Collaboration

Automatic Software Updates

In view to above major features, it is clearly showing that how cloud computing has developed in IT technology globally. Every customer needs the same features and benefits which has been outlined there. There is no need of having any hardware and datacenter tense for IT services. No staff for hardware management and maintenance control.In cloud platform, security has been a mainstay of IT services. Two-factor authentication with multilayer security system has tightened the infra completely.

There are few disadvantages of cloud computing which we must keep in our mind. They are as given below-



Technical Issues

Lower Bandwidth

Lacks Support

Internet Connectivity

Security Threat in the Cloud-

Every organization has security concern when it comes to the matter of public and cloud solutions. But one thing which we can’t ignore is critical and sensitive data. If you are planning to switch into cloud platform if means that you will be sharing your organization’s compete data and sensitive information to cloud computing providers.

Alongside, everything will have to covet with cloud platform provider. If something goes wrong at cloud end for example- ISP, Power outage or datacenter mess up that will interrupt your service. Sometimes, performance also becomes a hurdle in cloud services.

In terms of technical issues, they generally share the relevant KBs and ask to fix their own. Hence, most of the customers feel tough to implement and make the required changes accordance to the given knowledgebase. We need to have an enterprise level architectural team to control, deploy and manage the setup correctly. Also, customer much have good internet connectivity to work in cloud platform perfectly as compare to local setup.


Despite of all the pluses and negative points, we generally can’t disagree with the reality of cloud computing benefits as it is recklessly growing chunk of IT arena. It can be a suitable choice for every size of customers world-wide. Also, any kind of application, database, storage or other relevant requirements can be fit at the level of cloud computing services which are the major advantage of cloud platform.

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