What is Network and Network Monitoring? How Outsourced Network Monitoring is helpful for IT Services?

Outsourced Network Monitoring Services
Managed WIFI Services Richard Grantt Managed SD-WAN 12/5/2020

Network is a scientific ecosystem where devices are connected to share information. To convert data into meaningful information, a network can be formed with a set of computers, printers, routers and switches etc. It creates an environment where devices communicate with each other and they communicate in same language.

For example, the sender and the receiver speak the same language to perform a certain task like printing a paper. Earlier these systems were very complex. They were wired they required constant cabling to prevent any breakdown. Nowadays, network systems are much more untangled than it used to be. The idea of wireless internet Wi-Fi changed it all. People connect laptops, tablets, and many other devices and do stuffs like browsing gaming etc. without any complicated process.

Network systems can be small or large, LAN- local area network set up in local area. It has a few numbers of computers, routers, cables, switches etc. it is used in slow network which is used for home or small offices. WAN- wide area network system set up in a large or wide range. It is generally used in an enterprise where a company has many branches which are connected to the same network but geographically they are miles apart to one another. The ongoing process of a virtual world is network and it is required in every aspects of digital visualization.

Network Monitoring team keeps an eye on the process of network system to prevent it from breakdown to its management. To provide everything as per its requirement for a trouble-free running of network is called Network Monitoring. Managing a network is a very difficult task to perform, it is easier said than done. People put their blood and sweat in order to ensure the smooth running of the network. They deal with stuffs like DDOs attack, power outages, network failures, routing black holes etc. It relates to the procedure resources and software used in maintenance of a network infrastructure. It performs a task of maintaining a healthy network that keeps the company safe.

There are certain components of Network Management-

Network Administration

Network Operation

Network Security

Network Monitoring

All these are performed simultaneously for 24x7x365 days with regular shifts. People spend hours sitting on a chair just watching the screen to monitor it so that we as a client can use the server unctuously.

Outsourced Network Monitoring-

It is a part of network management which relates to an entire system which incessantly observe computer network for slow down or hindered component that notifies to the network administrator through various alert and alarm options like SMS or email. It works for internal as well as external ends of the network. Internally it works for overloaded service, network connections, network failures, etc. while intrusion detection system observes the problems caused by other devices.

There are certain toolsand software which are used to monitor your network. People rely upon these software’s and their protocols. This software’s are designed to direct the network traffic flow. Generally, it is used by the network administrator.They monitor the uptime, availability and response time of a network. It also catches the unusual activity and notifies the administrator. It alerts them when something suspicious is detected over the network.

This software gives information regarding effective devices and gadgets on a network and IP addressing scheme. It regularly reviews the network and gives signals when a problem or issue is identified, such as when a router goes offline or a suspicious packet is detected.

Network Monitoring Tools-

Basically, it is an application that collects useful information from different segments of the network. It helps to control the network. The main goal is performance monitoring, fault monitoring and account monitoring. it is used to inspect applications, email service etc. In order to inspect them it sends a signal to various system ports. This helps in getting aware of the problem at an early stage. These tools have capacity to prevent downtime or failure.

Certain measures need to be followed in order to get an uninterrupted network access-

Constantly monitoring is essential it will prevent the problem caused by faulty networks. 

Monitoring intervals, it depends on networks element like routers and servers need frequent monitoring as compared to desktop and printers.

Packet flow monitoring it gathers traffic statistics network management protocol should be secured and non-bandwidth consuming.

SNMP it stands for simple network management protocol. It is enabled and configured to have communications with network management system.

Importance of monitoring system-

It is important for security, troubleshooting and to save time and money. It keeps the data and the network secure by monitoring it routinely. Network monitoring tools have troubleshooting capabilities and can monitor numerous devices at a time. This will help a lot for Managed Services Providers who deal with several clients and small size business too. It doesn’t matter how big your business size is. Outsourced Network Monitoring can bring a charm in your business by working 24x7 NOC Services with NOCAGILE.

Some points must be kept in mind while choosing Network monitoring software-

It should monitor your entire IT infrastructure.

There should be an automatic configure devices.

There should be advanced reporting system

There are number of network monitoring tools available where few of them are given below-

Labtech or Automate

N-Able or N-Central




Manage Engine Op Manager

Net Crunch

PRTG Network Monitor


Zabbix etc.

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