How to secure your remote work? Today’s Need-

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Managed WIFI Services Richard Grantt Managed SD-WAN 12/5/2020

Hello Folks! Today, I’m going to write the blog about most popular conversation in professionals globally that is “Work from Home”. It has become a standard practice for most of the organizations to allow their employees to work remotely. Also, sometimes it becomes compulsion of the company to allow work remotely or sometimes it’s employee’s requirement or need to do so. Nowadays, due to COVID-19 every organization is bound to permit their employees to work from home. In these scenarios, we should be familiar that how to secure our remote work.

Remote work truly offers an exceptional challenge in information technology security systems as remote work doesn’t use the same security systems and firewall as offices work do. When an employee work in the office, it means that they are working under Several Security Layers and it’s very hard to break that security protections at any chance. However, working remotely becomes always a challenge for any employee to keep the setup secure enough.

Controlling and maintaining your imitation security while permitting your employees to work remotely may be a challenge, but it can be minimized the risk if you are choosing NOC Services Pricing of work. So, it is better to be always prepare for bad scenario. Here are few major guidelines suggested when someone works remotely-

> Remote connection should be VPN and avoid any public WI-FI connection

> Always use multi-factor authentication, encryptionand session locking to protect system

> Be full of your all working equipment at your remote place-

> Document goals, deliverables and timelines

> Hardware equipment including (computer, microphone, camera) and necessary software

> High-speed Internet in your private connection

> Quiet, closed and secure place to work freely

> Easy and comfortable access to team collaboration groups chat and shared drives

> Make a setup to chat in one-to-one with your manager and seniors

> Collect and document preferred working hours and share with your team and partners when needed

> Keep your working data in your main work computer and protect them with passcode and 2FA

> Enable the policy to encrypt all the local data on personal devices to make it secure

> Enable the policy to use a passcode on all personal devices for better security layer

> Enable some additional features on personal devices to manage them securely

> Disable the policy where the security breaking of personal devices available

> Make a list of approved devices for employees working remotely

> Keep discussing your working preferences with your seniors and team regularly

> Always practice with your good self-care along with your belongings

> Provide the necesary privilege to the respective employees as needed

> Avoid giving admin rights to the employee as much as possible

> A training session should be given to remotely working employees before saying go ahead

> Employee should practice of using below accordance to the requirement

> Try to avoid turning on networking capabilities system (such as Bluetooth) when not necessary for work environment

> Try to avoid turning off personal firewall on the system

> Always keep multi-factor authorization before accessing your office network

> Try to block other applications on your working device

As for as the digital security concerned, we can keep the above points in mind but along with these, we have to keep an attention on our physical security too while working from remote. First and most common thing we can do is to keep the door locked while working remotely. This habit brings our confidence and makes us feel like working securely.

Second, we always remember not to leave our digital devices, pen drives, laptops and other media in car, vehicle or somewhere else. We should keep our belongings with us for better security. Also, avoid your devices charging in public place.

Third, we never allow to use random thumb drives for better security prospective. Technical hackers are now becoming very random in point of these situation. This can be a better choice for better security not to use thumb drives.

As per the basic security awareness, we can be more precautious during the remote work. Yet most of the employees make their business at risk due to these informative mistakes. To address these risks, you must consider implementing some of these best practices and train to employee to follow them strictly.

Protecting your organization's remote work requires several-pronged approach for effective implementations that could mainly account threat, forget credentials, human errors etc. Plan your remote work and cover the basics in the given points. Hoping for the best security system and keep your employees, business and its' data safer ahead.

It is not necessary to work with your company while connected always. If you have accurate planning and tools, working remotely doesn’t make you feel remote work. Be a great resource of your company being apart together. Focus on the basics and bring your organization’s future recognized globally.